Headlines is a browser extension started in Spring 2018 that I built out of the need for more functionality on my "new tab" page, outside of the standard search bar. Headlines replaces your new tab page with the 3 most recent articles from over 50 sources that you choose from all within the extension. Becuase I wanted more out of a "new tab" page, you can also save artciles to read later, customize the interface, and tell the local time and weather.


  • Front End Developer
  • Visual Designer


  • React
  • News API
  • Dark Sky API


  • March 2019
Headlines browser application

Project Purpose and Goal

I built this project because I couldn't find an extension that felt aesthetically pleasing and minimal yet still be able to offer useful functionality outside of delivering a search box for its users, so I built one myself.

I also chose this project as a way to learn new programming concepts and push myself into learning a new framework: React. This project allowed me to docuement my journey on Instagram, connect with other developers and get a great amount of feedback.

Headlines card

Web Technologies and Explanation

My first iteration of this project was built purely in JavaScript as a way to showcase how far we've come since the days of JQuery. It wasn't until a month or two down the road that I wanted to "level up" as a developer and learn the React framework.

I chose React for its component-based approach of building out user interfaces, allowing me to focus on applications in an atomic level then build up (sort of like a puzzle peice). And coming from a design background, was something I was already familiar with.

The main feature of the extension was delivering news straight to your "new tab" page. So I sought out to look for an API (Application Programming Interface) that allowed me to do just that. While there are a few good ones out there, I decided to go with the News API to bring data into my extension.

Headlines sidebar

Final Thoughts

Headlines continues to be an extension I use day in and day out to get my round of tech and gaming related news and stay on top of current topics. And I still have plans of going back to the project to add more features on down the road.