Hello World

“Hello World” is something you would write if you were to learn a new programming language. This first blog post is sort of the same.

Contrary to popular belief — I’ve never actually had any blogs or even any personal journals. No Medium, no Blogspot (remember Blogspot?), no Tumblr, no journal keeping apps, none. You’re propably asking why? That’s a valid question. I never felt like writing down my thoughts, because why would I do that? There was no urge to express myself by writing something, especially not publicly.

I’m explicitly not going to add an opportunity to add your email for newsletters when I post new things. The choice for you to come back, is your choice, whenever you think that it’s worth coming back. Alternatively, you can follow me on my Twitter.

Well, what’s my reason for starting then? I’ll be attending university soon to study Computer Science. This will be a new part in my life, and it might hold some interesting things that I want to talk about along the way. My personal website will be the platform for that. But I won’t exclusively talk about things I encounter during my studies, but also anything tech related, about my projects or just random thoughts I want to write down somewhere.

So here it goes. I could be talking about things that no one will ever care about, or even read at all. But if you happen to read about the things I will write, thank you.

Will see you around.